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"The beauty about Personal Presentation’s coaching is that it benefits everyone within the circle of the person being coached. By confronting and liberating yourself, it helps you attain your full potential for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues, your business and your family. The confidence it provides enables you to take on the challenges of the day with greater vigour. Especially in times like today, their work has never been more important as people seek to re-establish trust and leadership in an uncertain and broken world. What they do isn’t coaching, it’s liberating souls."

David Telling, Partner, Newgate Communications


Rooted in the world of theatre and business, our methodology unites head, heart and body and energises your personal communication so that it works, in any situation – whether it’s a conversation, meeting, presentation or pitch.

Personal Presentation Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Julia Goodman, well known as a stage and television actress. Her philosophy and unique approach have been transforming people’s understanding, ability and enjoyment of personal communication ever since.

Our blue-chip client list reflects years of experience at the highest level across a wide range of sectors.

Personal Presentation’s coaches, facilitators and role-players, in both You brand and The Practice Room, are all from a professional acting background and painstakingly trained in the Company’s methodology. We promote a different way of seeing and doing things, and celebrate the power of human vulnerability and that it’s OK to be you!

We’re proud of the influence we’ve had as pioneers and innovators in our field, and thankful that we’ve been able to add much to the lives and careers of so many coaches and clients.

Julia Goodman


The idea for Personal Presentation came to Julia in the bath as she contemplated the prospect of life in a major recession as a divorced single mother of two kids, surviving on the unreliable income of an actress.

So she did what any self-respecting woman would do ... she started a business!

Julia comes from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs. She was involved in the early days of the Chichester Festival Theatre, working alongside Laurence Olivier, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Albert Finney and Peter O’Toole (to name but a few…).

In her 30 year acting career Julia appeared in many leading productions in theatre, film and television. She found fame in The Brothers, and has since coached some of her young fans, now senior figures in the business world! She has appeared widely on screen in productions such as The Lotus Eaters, Inspector Morse, Coronation Street, The Bill, Those Glory Glory Days and Beyond Reason. With Kate O’Mara she founded the British Actors Theatre Company and played leading Shakespearean roles all over the world.

She has a 1st Class degree in Speech & Drama from The Royal Central School, University of London. She still performs occasionally: recently in The Vagina Monologues in her home town of Chichester to raise money for women’s charities.


Our theatrical heritage is no accident

To communicate well in their everyday lives, people face the same challenge as an actor. A good actor uses themselves to inform the part; a bad actor just hides behind the techniques. We have to inhabit the emotion, the thought we want to communicate, because we can only touch others if we’re emotionally connected to a truth inside ourselves. We have to be the message: we have to be moved before we can be moving. Then we need the ability and the structure to give this full, brave, undistorted expression. This isn’t about acting. The part we’re playing is ourselves.

Our work gives people the necessary tools and structure for them to have this freedom within a framework.  This doesn’t just make them a ‘good presenter’, armed with a few tricks of the trade, but a rounded communicator, energised wherever they are by an inner truth.  Finding our true voice makes us more receptive and discerning to the voice of others.  It makes us better listeners as well as talkers.  It’s almost a new instinct that can have a wide-ranging impact on how we see the world and ourselves in it.

This may sound rather aloof in terms of day to day conversation.  But it is what gives otherwise mundane interactions worth and meaning, even if truth and its expression are only there in the background, as an aspiration that sets the agenda and ambition for our everyday lives.

Turning this into a habit in our daily life takes courage and self-discipline, but the rewards are golden.


Since we started in 1989, we’re proud to have worked with some 15 000 people from more than 300 companies.


Our home in Canalot Studios, West London. Welcome!


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