Show up…Stand Up…Speak out…Be You

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Across the country young people are returning to their studies and for most the start of term is really refreshing. It’s a great opportunity to start again, to take on new challenges. For those at university the path ahead is clear; a good degree and a plum job represent a bright nirvana. Competition is fierce but hope is high. According to HESA’s website (Higher Education Student Statistics) business & administrative studies attracted the highest number of students over the five year period 2013/14 to 2017/18. Clearly competition is even stiffer in the world of business… which begs the question.. will a degree alone equate to success in the corporate world? Can you learn everything required in a lecture theatre? There are many out there who have become successful in their field with no formal qualification from an institute of higher education.

The road was surely harder and longer yet they too have succeeded in getting other people to buy-in to them as people and into their vision. Evidently, it is possible to acquire confidence, great communication skills and self belief as well as a degree.

Maybe you are someone who did well at university and you enjoyed your degree immensely. You now hold a senior position at work, but it’s not quite nirvana. The thing is, you’ve always felt ill equipped for certain aspects of your job. You have some questions and you don’t know who to ask without ‘blowing your cover’….


  • Where can I learn how to inspire other people?
  • Where can I learn to be a great leader?
  • How do I lose this fear of making presentations?
  • How do I improve my relationships at work?
  • Why do I always seem to get out-negotiated?
  • How do I stay in control in conflict situations?


You really want to be empowered, but you don’t know where to get the help. You want to relate better to your staff but not sure how to go about it. Perhaps you have encountered situations in your job where you have felt powerless or unable to influence those you are supposed to be leading. Or somehow you have succeeded in creating the wrong impression about yourself? So how do you make a fresh start as a busy manager? Coming back to the classroom with Personal Presentation this September could be exactly what you need. We can teach you how to optimise all your interactions.

If it’s nailing those formal presentations in front of a large audience we’ve got you covered. Your discomfort in these kind of situations tends to distort the way you come over and generate confusing and conflicting messages about who you really are. At the moment you are suffering silently every time work requires this of you. Our ‘You brand’ course will give you the key to channelling these feelings productively, enabling you to come across as your real and natural self. Coming across as ‘you’ is what engages people and makes them receptive to you. It’s what determines whether people will ‘buy’ you – which is why we call the course ‘You brand’.

Maybe you are ok with large presentations, it’s more those supposedly ‘relaxed’ one-to-one chats over a coffee, or casual corridor exchanges with colleagues that leave you struggling. You wonder how other people seem to do it so naturally! You know, confidence isn’t just reserved for a few lucky people, we can all have it.  Confidence is something that we can all take control of and develop inside ourselves. It isn’t something we are, it’s something we do.

The response we get from other people is what drives our confidence. People’s response to us comes from their instinctive feelings towards us, driven by how we come over. The great news is that we can  take control of how we look and sound. You brand teaches certain golden principles which, when applied, will transform how you are seen by other people, and how they respond to you. Another priceless nugget that you’ll take away is that it’s all right to be you. This will change the way you communicate. You’ll start to operate from a harmonious relationship between what you think, how you feel and how you look and sound.

The work is practical with a lot of work to camera.  It is not a ‘hints and tips’ approach. Using simulated scenarios you’ll be able to apply, practise and appraise your learning. It’s important to try out this new way of operating in a safe setting! After all, some of us may have spent years applying strategies to compensate for situations which knocked our confidence. Unlearning these strategies may take a bit of time and practice! We need to overcome the memory of situations where negative beliefs have become embedded. Maybe it was a situation where you failed to hold other people’s attention, or lost out in a job interview, even though you knew you were the candidate best qualified to do the job.

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This is just the start of the journey! The ability to perform yourself – however essential and satisfying – is only the foundation for what the You brand Programme is really all about … exploring and developing  how to interact constructively with other people, and discovering the way to a place of honest, congruent, empathic communication where real negotiation, influence and relationship can happen. This is a defining characteristic of leadership at any level within an organisation.

With 1-1 coaching The You brand Programme comprises approximately 4½ (day) sessions spread over 6 – 12 weeks. The Programme is stretching, energising, fulfilling and fun!
There is also the option of joining group workshop/sessions at a very reasonable rate. Group size and duration would be tailored to specific need and comprise a combination of 1-1 and group work. Upon completion of this programme, any appropriate course of continued support/mentoring will be discussed and agreed with you; this may be used to continue personal development or to apply the work to specific situations and events.

So how about joining all those going back to school to get empowered this September? In our classroom it’s never too late for a fresh start.