What Is Good Communication?

Being able to express and control emotion at the same time is the key to great communication.

The Brexit saga begs the question as to whether, as a nation, we are really that great at communicating… We appear to be a bit passive-aggressive by nature until pushed to the brink of necessity when all of a sudden, out it all comes in too loud a voice and a smidgeon late. The whole process of negotiation around the referendum and proposed exit from the EU has not exactly been characterised by “bull’s-eye” transactions, beneficial negotiations, successful pitching, rewarding, meaningful interactions, the applause of the electorate and the securing of mutually beneficial outcomes. Things might change, of course…

Maybe you too have been feeling lately that there must be a better way? Your communication skills seem to hamstring your working life and a lack of confidence frustrates you but you’re not sure if you can trust anyone to be discreet enough to listen and then be able to encourage and empower you.

Wouldn’t it be great to be transported to another dimension where ethereal beings (who possess superior communication skills) shared their expertise readily with you? You return to earth and nail it. You net numerous contracts, impress your superiors and negotiate benefits for yourself and your team. Communication is now your forte, you always get the best possible outcome from any interaction you have.

Sounds incredible and impossible? Well no, not entirely… in this case the other dimension full of ethereal beings is the world of theatre.

Come again?

Personal Presentation brings the business of theatre to the theatre of business.

We celebrate you as a whole person, and using the psychology, skills, and science of the theatre, we teach you how to connect with yourself, using your head, heart and physicality as a conduit for your personality. It’s about projecting your true self, using all the resources you have, rather than being fearful, repressed, invisible or tongue-tied as a result of negative experiences in the past or some misplaced belief that being ‘good at communication’ is something that a few lucky people are just born with.

Do you know how you will present you in any situation? Are you aware of how you come across? Are people buying into you? Do you have anyone trustworthy that you can even ask? Assessing the impact you are having can be difficult, but until you’re self-aware you won’t have the choice, confidence or ability to optimise your impact in any given situation.

Our coaching will help you to develop your ability to communicate authentically and confidently as yourself, whatever the situation, and show you intuition-friendly ways to prepare for those high profile or critical situations that are fast and robust and which, with practice, will become instinctive.

We’ll coach you in skills such as projection, breathing, timing, spatial awareness and pace – some of the toolkit that professional actors use to make the audience believe in the character they’re playing, night after night, without fail. You’ll learn about Freedom within a Framework, a technique that will free you from bullet points, notes and scripts and allow you to stay on track – whether in a negotiation, presentation or pitch – whilst appearing real and natural, speaking from the heart as well as the head and really engaging people with the message that is you.

Personal Presentation won’t teach you to act, but to perform yourself; how to communicate effectively, regardless of the situation or the audience; to control and express emotion; the power of personal disclosure using yourself as your script; emotional negotiation and the ability to be you, warts and all, wherever you go.

You’ll see ‘confidence’ in a whole new way: not as something that you are, but something that you do. If you change how you feel on the inside you will change how you express yourself, and conversely, if you change how you express yourself you will change how you feel about yourself, creating a circular continuum of benefits.

Would you like to prepare yourself to ace any or all of the following?

  • The impression you create when entering a room,
  • Engaging and building relationships with people
  • ‘Difficult’ conversations
  • Pitching an idea or proposal
  • Meeting with investors
  • Fundraising

If a lack of confidence or communication ability stops you (or your team) from performing as well as you could we would love to help. With Personal Presentation you can be “more of yourself with skill”.