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Rooted in the discipline, psychology and techniques of the professional theatre, our methodology unites head, heart and body and energises your personal communication so that it works, in any situation – whether it’s a conversation, meeting, presentation or pitch.


Personal Presentation Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Julia Goodman, well known as a stage, film and television actress. Her philosophy and unique approach have been transforming people’s understanding, ability and enjoyment of personal communication ever since.

Our blue-chip client list reflects years of experience at the highest level across a wide range of sectors.


To communicate well in their everyday lives, people face the same challenge as an actor. A good actor uses themselves to inform the part; a lesser one can hide behind the techniques.

We have to inhabit the emotion, the thought we want to communicate, because we can only touch others if we’re emotionally connected to a truth inside ourselves. We have to be the message: we can only move people if we are moved.

Then we need the ability and the structure to give this full, brave, undistorted expression. This isn’t about acting. The role we’re playing is ourselves.

You brand gives people the necessary tools and structure for them to enjoy freedom within a framework. It doesn’t just make them a ‘good presenter’, armed with a few tricks of the trade, but a rounded communicator, energised wherever they are by an emotional connectedness and an inner truth and able to express and control emotion at the same time. This ability is the crucial difference between a change initiative that works - and one that doesn't.

Finding our true voice makes us more receptive and discerning to the voice of others. It makes us better listeners as well as talkers. It’s almost a new instinct that can have a wide-ranging impact on how other people see us, and how we see the world and ourselves in it.


Personal Presentation’s coaches, facilitators and role-players are all from a professional acting background and painstakingly trained in the Company’s 'You brand' methodology. We promote a different way of seeing and doing things, and celebrate the power of human vulnerability and that it’s OK to be you!

  • Julia Goodman

    Founder & Director

    Julia trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (UCL) and went on to a successful career as actor, director and producer in television, film and theatre. She launched the pioneering You brand methodology and philosophy in 1989, at the start of a major recession, and she and her team have been using it to help people and organisations realise their full potential ever since.

  • Mark Mason-Jones MA (Cantab) MBA


    Mark’s background is in management consultancy, organisational design, sales and marketing, and copywriting. He has an MA in Modern Languages from Cambridge and an MBA from Manchester Business School, and has helped Julia build the business since he joined in 1994. Mark was drawn to the company after an epiphany as a client that helped him overcome a deeply ingrained imposter syndrome - and which made him realise that the coaching was about much more than just 'presentation skills'!

  • Helena Michell


    Actress Helena became a You brand Coach in 2008 after 14 years as a role-player with the company. She says she was drawn to the process “because it works! It is transformational. It combines all the themes I feel passionate about: the physical elements of performance, the psychology of managing relationships, and the analysis of transactions." Helena has an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling focusing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

  • Catriona Elliott Winter


    Cat originally trained as an actress and presenter and has worked extensively in theatre, television and film. As a facilitator and coach she delights in bringing different methods to the table. Catriona’s energy and passion for development are infectious and inspire clients to develop their potential both professionally and personally.

  • Lara Danobeitia


    A professional actress for 15 years, Lara has been a You brand Coach since 2002. She has supported numerous clients in high value new business pitches. Her experience of the work is that it gives people “a unique understanding of how to create a connection with an audience, be that one person or one hundred. This work is not about acting; it is about connecting with what you truly think, feel and believe and having the skills to communicate that with impact.”

  • Olivia Leigh

    Project Manager

    Olivia manages projects. We have a lot of projects ...

  • Hannah Gernon

    Programme Director

    Hannah basically runs the place!

  • Fergus Leathem


    Fergus loves the Company's collaborative approach, working together to tailor engaging and practical sessions and seeing, in real time, the improvement in people’s skills that are applicable not just in the workplace but in all areas of life.  Fergus’ wide sector experience spans law, construction, energy, finance, the military and the public sector. As an actor, Fergus recently appeared in the global smash hit Game of Thrones.

  • Richard Bates


    A professional actor with a law degree from Manchester University, Richard has been with the Company for twenty years.  He is “intrigued by interpersonal dynamics and individual behaviours, which is something one gets to explore as an actor and also in the coaching room. It's wonderful to facilitate and observe the blossoming of clients within the work that we do.”  As an actor, Richard has played lots of doctors and clergymen in film and televsion, and in theatre has worked from tiny fringe venues to the RSC and National Theatre.

  • Pat Rodriguez


    A seasoned TV journalist in her native Canada, and with 30 years’ experience as a stage and screen actor (and more recently as a narrator of audio books), Pat knows all about performing under pressure. She loves helping clients to grow awareness and develop new habits that free them to be more impactful and more themselves. Pat's focus, enthusiasm and warmth lend invaluable support to clients in embracing this process of change.

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