You Brand


“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

This ground-breaking programme will help you develop your self-confidence and your ability to express your authenticity, consistently.


While lesser actors hide behind technique, great actors use themselves to inform the part they’re playing. It’s this reality that makes us believe in and care about the character. You brand lets you in on the actor’s secret and how you can apply it to yourself.  This isn’t about faking it - the part you’ll be playing is You.  You’ll learn the craft of using all of you - head, heart and body - to engage people in you and your message.  It’s the most powerful form of communication there is.

As the programme unfolds, you’ll learn a performance toolkit that will help you to:

  • understand the perception gap and have more control over how you ‘occur’ to people

  • discover your potential for having presence and being present

  • turn corporate speak into clear language that engages and motivates people

  • energise how you look and sound

  • be comfortable ‘in your skin’ and able to project this

  • be free from scripts, notes and slides

  • appear to talk off the cuff but always stay on track

  • reframe anxiety into excitement and transform your nerves into fuel and power

  • heighten your awareness of your relationship with others, with your organisation and with yourself using Transactional Analysis.

  • deepen your interpersonal and negotiation skills, raise your visibility and broaden your leadership capability.

  • ‘go public’ with the best piece of communication you’ve ever done – and enjoy a whole new profile! This can enhance your career like nothing else!


This is a 2-4 day programme taken over 2 – 8 weeks, or a series of c 2 hour sessions if taken virtually.


"This isn't coaching; it's liberating souls."
David Telling
Founder & CEO
Telling Ltd
"It's ironic that You brand is 'transformative', because it's our authentic self that we find, learn to express, to be, to speak, to breathe, to live.  An investment that has no price."
Amy Burke
Director Group Human Resources
Vhi Healthcare
"The results of the You brand process are little short of extraordinary. One learns to connect with an audience in a profoundly human way. Business presentations cease to be a chore or a trauma and become instead a form of authentic self-expression."
Stephen Jolly
Executive Director
M&C Saatchi
“The improvement I have seen in my confidence and public speaking skills following my day with Personal Presentation is immeasurable. I always felt as if I had a lot to say but I struggled to convey it in an effective manner - which ultimately led to me struggling to land a graduate role. The coaching helped me to combat this lifelong problem of mine and I have now managed to land my dream role with my dream company. I cannot thank you enough.”
Amaan Abdulrahman
Investment banker, economics graduate,
Arsenal fan, World kickboxing champion.
Featured in 'How to Break Into the Elite' - BBC Two, 2019

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