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You Brand – A manual for confidence

You brand: A Manual for Confidence

Julia Goodman’s book You brand: a Manual for Confidence captures the key learning of the four-day programme. Full of light bulb moments, disruptive theory and exercises you can do at home, the book will give you a practical experience of You brand, wherever you are. And if you’ve enjoyed any of our face-to-face coaching, this book is an excellent reference tool.


Video Masterclass

You brand: Confident Anywhere

You brand: Confident Anywhere is a video masterclass series that is the next best thing to actually being in the coaching room!

This series of 10 classes covers key points of the You brand programme, and is rich in theory, demonstration and practical exercises that you can practise at home.

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“Have you ever felt intimidated by making a business pitch, going for an important interview or, in general, trying to make a good impression? If the answer is Yes to any of those questions, then this book is a compelling and ‘must read’, as it explains the craft of communication and maps a very clear learning journey for all who aspire to grow, develop and create a long-lasting positive impression, wherever and whenever.”
Mick Sweeney
PineBridge Investments Ireland
“Julia Goodman is a true master of personal branding. Her approach helped me overcome my concerns that being dyslexic meant I could not speak in public, and she and her team have coached staff at my private equity firm in presentation skills for many years. This is a must read manual if you’re seeking a confidence boost in your personal or professional life.”
Guy Hands
Founder and Chairman
Terra Firma Capital Partners
"You 'remoulded' me to be me, and made a huge and positive difference in my life. You stand out in my career as the person who made the biggest lasting difference. Thank you with all my heart."
Des Crowley
Speaking as CEO
Bank of Ireland UK

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