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You brand coaching for teams or groups

You brand Teams draws on key elements of the You brand programme for personal development as part of a small group, and as the basis for high-impact workshops focusing on specific sitautions and scenarios, or an event.


Recent assignments include:

Preparing management teams for IPOs, company sales and exits.

Helping raise the awareness of sales people of how they engage and impact prospective clients.

Preparing a private equity house for fundraising and due diligence meetings.

Evolving the creative framework, and coaching speakers, for a large AGM.

Improving the effectiveness of Zoom meetings for a global leadership team.

Delivering messages and reports via virtual communication platforms.

We can help you

  • win that pitch

  • leave a lasting impression on clients, prospects and investors

  • perform at your best on Zoom and other virtual platforms

  • stay on top of your feelings when you’re negotiating

  • understand how to listen empathically and actively, to turn information into intelligence

  • unblock the energy within your team

  • sell an idea to a senior person

  • be more confident and assertive

  • walk the talk as a leader

  • lead your team – and manage the people above you!

  • shine in interviews, presentations and in the media

  • develop and use emotional intelligence

– and all of this by being more of you!


As an indication, a Foundation workshop combined with an Application workshop typically lasts two days, usually with a gap of 7-10 days between them. This can of course flex to the needs of the assignment. Workshops can also be delivered virtually.

Foundation Workshop

Unlock the secret of personal impact, and discover the magic ingredient used by professional presenters and speakers. Understand better how you are seen by other people, and start to change how you look and sound so that you come over as natural, real and engaging wherever you go. Move from being an amateur communicator to a professional one.

This is a highly effective coaching experience in its own right; but it’s also a great platform for our Application Workshops.

Application Workshops

Practise ‘getting it out of your mouth’ in a safe and supportive environment, using scenarios that simulate your own real-life communication situations.

Our powerful Transactional Analysis model will give you a new understanding of the forces at work in an interaction, and will help you steer presentations, conversations and negotiations to the most productive outcome possible.

We can co-design scenarios with you in advance to use as working material, or else improvise on the spot in response to participant requirements.

Virtual pro!: Coaching for Virtual Platforms

Learn how to perform at your best on Zoom and other virtual platforms: from camera set-up and lighting through to how to set and maintain the energy of a meeting and keep people engaged and feeling good about the experience.

Demonstrations, off-sites and away days

We can run short demonstration sessions to introduce the key concepts and benefits of You brand (usually 60–90 minutes).

Our longer workshops are great for off-sites; they’re energising and full of practical learning. We’ve run sessions for up to 40 people in personal impact and active listening.

We can design workshops to fit the group size, duration and objectives you have in mind. Bring us your challenge and we’ll meet it if we possibly can!


“The You brand coaches have helped me and my teams, both collectively and individually, transform how we show up and occur to each other. Some have radical epiphanies, others course changes; but all agree about the massive benefit they’ve gained, having previously been to varying degrees oblivious to these critical skills.”
Jon Harris
CEO Gulf Keystone Petroleum
"The Personal Presentation team helped us to build an impactful, engaging and personal communication to our new investors during our IPO process. This was critical as we went through the IPO process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the practical and impactful feedback from Personal Presentation coaches, I was able to tell our company story effectively to a large group of investors and analysts via Zoom. The coaching sessions with PP were invaluable and highly relevant for me. It is a must have for executives involved in any IPO event or other investment situation!"
Damian Zaplata
Chief Commercial Officer,
“One of the most useful training sessions I’ve experienced in my career. Since attending the course I’ve found I’ve had far deeper and personalised conversations with clients, strengthening existing client relationships further; and I’ve had my most successful year to date in relation to new client appointments. I would personally recommend Personal Presentation to any consultant looking to take their client relationship management and new business development to the next level.”
James Patten

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